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Principal’s Welcome

Dear Families,

We are excited to kick off our new school year at Prairie Norton Elementary.  We cannot wait to see familiar faces and meet new students!  With the old building gone, you can really see our new school sitting proudly on the property.  The new Prairie Norton building really has become one of the centerpieces of our community.  Some grass and landscaping will soon complete the transformation.

  • All 4th graders start 8/24

  • K-3 students have a staggered start based on last names (8/24 = A-G) (8/25 = H-O) (8/26 = P-Z)

  • We are having an Open House on Tuesday September 8/23 from 4:30-6:00

  • We encourage parents to visit us at open house and then put your children on the bus for the start of school to improve traffic, safety, and consistency.

  • All PNE cars enter and exit via the Palmetto/Norton light and crosswalk. No PNE cars may enter at Green Street.  Staff will be around to help with traffic and navigation.

  • Car pick up is done at the end of the building near the Kindergarten play area after school.  Adults on duty will assist families with safety and procedures.

NEW:  We return to normal elementary hours.  Our doors open at 7:55 a.m. when breakfast begins.  The tardy bell is at 8:20 a.m., and dismissal at 2:35 p.m..

NEW:  The old PNE building is gone, but the parking lot was restored.  Our main lot fills up fast, but our new overflow lot along Norton road has plenty of extra parking.  We will likely not use our rear bus lot for overflow parking much in the future.

NEW:  The green emergency cards are being phased out district wide, and we will all adopt the existing online parent portal for you to input contacts, medical, and transportation updates. You will be able to do this online anytime your child’s information needs updated. Staff will be assisting parents during open house.

Once classes begin, students enter through the bus or car drop off areas; all other doors remain locked during the day.  Students may go directly to class, but all other visitors must enter through the main office and sign in.  As a general rule, we do not interrupt classes for parent/teacher conferences once classes have started.  We can bring your child to you at the office.  We are also happy to arrange parent/teacher meetings during planning periods, or when classes are not in session.

A student handbook will be given to each child.  In the handbook are rules and policies which help keep kids safe and focused on learning.  Please read and review the handbook as a family.  Also be sure to fill in and return all of the forms your child brings home.  We have many learning goals for your child  this year.  Partner with us in your child’s learning by asking about their day and examining their school work daily.

Prairie Norton students are showing great educational gains, and we plan to keep improving so your child gets the very best education.  Remember to join us on Tuesday, 8/23/16, from 4:30pm to 6:00pm for our Open House.

Mike Gosztyla

Principal PNE