Prairie Norton Elementary School

105 Norton Road | Columbus, Ohio 43228

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Mike Gosztyla, Principal

Completely In Person Learning Returns April 5th, 2021


Dear Prairie Norton Parents,

In your mailbox should be a letter from our central office informing families about “All In” learning beginning April 5th after Spring Break. Be assured that the staff at PNES have been preparing for weeks, and plans are under way to return safely. Here are some key points I’d like to highlight for next week and the first week back "All-In".

As we prepare our building for this transition:

  • “Green Group” has school on Wednesday March 24.

  • “Green Group” students will NOT have school on Thursday, March 25 to allow for the building transition.

  • Students riding a school bus will follow their current bus schedule and must wear their masks at all times while on the bus.

  • Expect some longer car lines, and think about adjusting your arrival time to a bit later if you find yourself waiting on Norton Road for long.

  • Parent events that are smaller in size may be allowable, like our Kindergarten Parent Information Nights, but there are still some restrictions for larger events that use our auditorium, and gym.

  • We will continue to layer our safety protocols in the classrooms in the building, including the current visitor and volunteer procedures.

Mike Gosztyla

Principal Prairie Norton Elementary

Language Assistance Notification:

South-Western City Schools will take reasonable steps to ensure that persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) have meaningful access and an equal opportunity to participate in all services, activities, and programs available throughout the district. It is the policy of SWCSD to ensure meaningful communication with LEP students and families and to communicate information related to the education of all students. All services needed to comply with this policy will be provided for students and their families in need of such assistance free of charge. For assistance, please call 614-801-8450.

En Español:

South-Western City Schools tomará medidas razonables para garantizar que las personas con dominio limitado del inglés (LEP) tengan un acceso significativo y una oportunidad equitativa de participar en todos los servicios, actividades y programas disponibles en todo el distrito. Es política de SWCSD asegurar una comunicación significativa con los estudiantes LEP y sus familias y comunicar información relacionada con la educación de todos los estudiantes. Todos los servicios necesarios para cumplir con esta política se proporcionarán a los estudiantes y sus familias que necesiten dicha asistencia sin cargo. Para obtener ayuda, llame al 614-801-8450.

In Somali:

South-Western City Schools waxay qaadi doonaan talaabooyin macquul ah si loo hubiyo in shaqsiyaadka aqoonta u leh Ingiriisiga xadidan (LEP) ay helaan macno leh iyo fursad loo siman yahay inay kaga qaybgalaan dhammaan adeegyada, waxqabadyada, iyo barnaamijyada laga heli karo dhammaan degmada. Waa nidaamka SWCSD in la hubiyo in xiriir macno leh lala yeesho ardayda LEP iyo qoysaskooda loona gudbiyo macluumaadka la xiriira waxbarashada ardayda oo dhan. Dhammaan adeegyada lagama maarmaanka u ah u hoggaansanaanta siyaasaddan waxaa la siin doonaa ardayda iyo qoysaskooda u baahan caawimaaddaas oo bilaash ah. Caawimaad, wac 614-801-8450.