Principal’s Message

Dear Families,

I hope you find time to eat well and talk together and visit family during the holiday season. The winter season ahead reminds us that we all live in the North. As Ohioans it is our time to enjoy thick sweaters, warm fires, frosty trees, silent snowfalls, and sparkling ice.

We had an outstanding parent turn out for our Fall Family Week. K- 4th grade parents visited classrooms during literacy or math instruction and then stayed for some refreshments with their child in the cafeteria. Parents surveyed left very positive comments about their visits classroom visits, the book fair and the reception. Teachers and students were very excited to have so many family members visiting. We have more parent events that are being planned, so look for future announcements about those opportunities.

PTA had a very successful fundraiser this Fall. We are planning many field trips, school visitors and enhancement activities for the students, thanks to your help.

All school and PTA fundraisers will be announced in advance and in explained in detail. We will never call for donations or send anyone door to door seeking cash donations. Call 614-801-8450 if you ever have questions or need to report a concern.

Artist and Illustrator Steve Harpster visited our school on 11/30. Each grade level spent time with Mr. Harpster learning how to create, draw and illustrate in fun and unique ways. You can learn more about Steve Harpster and buy his books at his web site.

Third graders just took their first online State Reading Test in October.s. They will take the Iowa Reading Test December 12 to provide another opportunity to pass the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. Third and fourth graders will take additional state assessments in this Spring. Once your child is a 3rd grader, annual testing will continue through high school. Parents can see a “quick view” of the learning standards for your child’s grade band at the click on “The Parent’s Guide to Student Success”

Since the weather is now cold, remind your children to wear warm clothes and coats to school and from school every day. We go outside for recess, if the weather is above 20 degrees including wind chill. As snow season approaches, please do not call Prairie Norton for school closing information. PNE opens at 7:55, which is too late to change morning plans for most families. Please tune in to TV, radio, or web sites featuring school closing reports when you need information.

Current SWCS information and calendars are available on the district Web site

Mike Gosztyla