Prairie Norton Elementary School

105 Norton Road | Columbus, Ohio 43228

Phone: (614) 801-8450 | Fax: (614) 851-0298 | Attendance: (614) 801-8451

Mike Gosztyla, Principal

To leave a voicemail in a teachers mailbox :

1. Call (614) 801-3190.

2. Enter the teacher's mailbox number.

If you don't know the mailbox number, you can search the directory by the teacher's last name.

Click the orange bar above entitled "Teacher Telephone Extensions" to access the directory.

NEW - The PNE office and building are now closed through 4.13.20. Use teacher voicemail or email for most of your needs. We are also checking our office voicemail.

3.24.20 - Teacher's are trying to contact all students by 3.23.20. eLearning begins in earnest 3.24.20 - Check your emails, messages, Dojo, etc to make contact your child's teacher if you have not already.

3.24.20 - Student grab and go breakfast /lunch bag pickup is now at Norton MS from 10-12

See the PNE Parent Resources Page for the most recent district letter, eLearning news, and other school updates dates. More updates to follow.

The most recent information regarding school closings, and electronic teaching and learning can be found on the homepage of our district Website at Thank you for your patience as we work to keep our students safe and learning.